CHRIS BLEVINS debut now available!

Recorded at Little Rock’s Fellowship Hall Sound studio with an all-star cast of Oklahoma musicians, Chris Blevins’ debut album, Better Than Alone, is an impressive collection of ten beautifully crafted songs that range from heartbreaking tales of love and regret to wry political commentary. With a backing band that includes some of the State’s best and brightest – artful musical chameleon Chris Combs, badass bassist Aaron Boehler, dynamic drummer Andrew Bones, and Grammy-award nominee John Fullbright, just to name a few – this freshman effort easily stands on its own and is a sure sign of more great things to come from this talented singer songwriter.
Much like his home state, Blevins’ music is a crossroads, a wicked blend of Southern rock & country crooning, seasoned with a shuffle and maybe even a hint of small town Gospel. This talented lyricist writes with a folk singer’s clear-eyed view of the world around him coupled with a romantic’s sense of longing and regret. From the astute and catchy chorus of “Big Man”: “They’ve got a brand new way to wear the same old sin,” to the haunting lines of “Wildfire”: “Tell me what you came for, so I know how you’ll leave. Will you carry me home at sunrise, or will you bury me?” Blevins’ proves equally adept at cleverly summarizing the state of the nation as he is at channeling love and loss with an authentic, fresh and powerful voice.
Recommended if you like: Hayes Carll, Steve Earle, John Fullbright