About the Album

An Indigenous language is lost every two weeks around the world. With only 2,000 living fluent Cherokee speakers, ᎠᏅᏛᏁᎵᏍᎩ (Anvdvnelisgi, pronounced Ah Nuh Duh Nay Lees Gi), celebrates the Cherokee language in a modern world.

ᎠᏅᏛᏁᎵᏍᎩ, which translates to Performers in English, is a groundbreaking Contemporary album of original music performed entirely in the Cherokee language, representing the diverse genres of Psychedelic, Metal, Folk/Americana, Country, Rock, Alternative Folk, Reggae, Pop and Hip Hop.

Album Release

The album is slated to launch in September 2022 in conjunction with Cherokee National Holiday over Labor Day Weekend. Pre-order information will be posted soon.

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