Jeremy Charles, Producer

Jeremy Charles is an award-winning, Cherokee filmmaker based in Tulsa.  His mission is to promote language and cultural preservation through his work. Jeremy is a co-creator, director and producer for the 13-time Emmy winning docuseries Osiyo, Voices of the Cherokee People, creator of the animated series Inage’i (In The Woods), which is performed in the Cherokee Language, and makes films in the language.  His inspiration is rooted in the Tulsa music scene where he spent a decade documenting concerts and creating promotional imagery and music videos for local and national musicians.

Jeremy Charles

Cherokee Translators

Kathy Sierra
Bobbie Smith
Ellen Culp
Danielle Culp
Harry Oosahwee
David Crawler
Schon Duncan
Cora Flute
Wahde Mackey

Music Producers

Jared Tyler
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