Horton Records, LTD is a non-profit 501c-3 organization based in Tulsa, OK.  Our mission is to provide support and tools for band management, promotion, booking, merchandising, and distribution in order to help local and regional musicians fulfill their artistic goals and further promote local and regional music on a broader scale.  Artists that we work with are actively involved in a variety of programs and workshops that stimulate, inform, and engage future generations and other demographics in the rich musical heritage of our region.  We actively partner with other organizations and individuals to broaden and strengthen our community through our musical endeavors.  

NOTE:  Horton Records, LTD is a volunteer-based organization and has no paid staff positions.

For more information, please contact us at:   hortonrecords@gmail.com

Board of Directors:

President – Brian Horton
Vice President – Brian Fontaine
Treasurer – Dylan Layton
Secretary – Mary Kate Harkreader
Director – Julie Watson
Director – Phil Clarkin

Other functional support:

Legal Consultation – Tomy McDonald
Graphic Design – Danica Jones, Kalyn Barnoski, May Yang, Steve Hammons