BACK TO PARADISE: A Tulsa Tribute to Okie Music – Out 8/28/20

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Back To Paradise: A Tulsa Tribute to Okie Music
17 Songs by Leon Russell, JJ Cale, The Gap Band, Jesse Ed Davis & Others
Performed by 20 Tulsa Musicians – including Grammy Nominated John Fullbright, Paul Benjaman, Jesse Aycock & More
Out August 28th via Horton Records
In February 2020, a group of notable Tulsa musicians traveled to Leon Russell’s famed Paradise Studio at Grand Lake in Oklahoma to record the first album tracked there since 1978. Some of the biggest names in the industry recorded at Paradise Studio; Leon Russell, Bob Seger, and Freddie King, while even more musicians and creatives escaped to fellowship at this Okie oasis.
Tulsan Rick Huskey spent the last 30 years preserving and restoring the space, honoring its history while preparing for a new chapter. Upon entering the studio for the first time, the new crop of musicians couldn’t help but feel that the vibe was still alive. Musician Jesse Aycock felt that “Walking into the studio for the first time was like walking into a time capsule. The good energy that once filled the room was left floating in the air. All that we had to do was breathe it in. Historically, players from this part of Oklahoma seem to have a different approach to music, the same way that Muscle Shoals, Memphis Chicago, Detroit, Austin and Nashville are known for having a sound. I think Leon and J.J tapped into a unique pulse in this area and I would like to think that it’s still vibrating today.”
Seventeen tracks written by Tulsa’s finest were recorded over the course of four days – mostly live, with very few overdubs, and produced by Jason Weinheimer & Them Tulsa Boys. A total of 20 Tulsa musicians participated in the recording and the core band consisted of Paul Benjaman, Jesse Aycock, Grammy nominee John Fullbright, Paddy Ryan, and Aaron Boehler. About the process, Paul Benjaman stated that “Decisions on how to build the songs were quick and effortless. The language that these musicians have developed over the years from playing live together paid off in knowing what to do instinctively. Unpacking each song, finding the magic that made it work, and leaving space for each person to contribute was a natural process that led to 10+ hour days of music with friends.”
The musicians who participated in the project chose the songs for the album. The tracks that will be singles and made into videos are; “I’ll Make Love To You Anytime” (J.J. Cale), “If The Shoe Fits” (Leon Russell), “I Yike It” (The Gap Band), “Rock n Roll Gypsies” (Jesse Ed Davis)”. John R. Fullbright states “One of the coolest things about driving there was thinking that Bob Dylan did the exact same drive, George Harrison did the exact same drive. That was really neat. Tulsa’s music scene is very talented and eclectic, and we are a city that does not forget it’s roots and past, and celebrates it and builds on it.”
Executive Producer Brian Horton weighs in; “This is a project that we’ve all wanted to do for more than a decade. We think we’ve captured some of the spirit and energy that happens around town when you go to a live show. These musicians love our regional history so much. This is a document of them paying tribute. We want people to check out today’s musicians, but we also want them to appreciate the Oklahoma musicians that have made it possible to have a relevant music scene today.”
Horton Records is a volunteer-based, non-profit 501(c)(3) Tulsa music organization. Its mission is to provide services that develop and support musicians in the Tulsa area, while fostering community with other creative partners and building on the rich musical heritage in the region. Horton Records organizes and promotes showcase events, provides booking services and management support to artists, supplies business and financial support for recording and distributing music worldwide, and supports educational efforts for all ages. This mission directly aligns with city and state efforts to enhance the Image of Tulsa and the surrounding area as a creative hub and music destination that attracts and retains visitors, as well as current and future residents.
I’ll Make Love To You Anytime (JJ Cale) – PAUL BENJAMAN
Crossing Over (Steve Ripley) – JOHN FULLBRIGHT
Tramp (Lowell Fulson) – BRANJAE
Rock n Roll Gypsies (Gypsy Trips) – JESSE AYCOCK
Helluva Deal (Don White) – PAUL BENJAMAN
Black Cherry (Junior Markham) – JESSE AYCOCK
Blind Man (Tom Skinner / Don Morris) – DUSTIN PITTSLEY
If The Shoe Fits (Leon Russell) – JOHN FULLBRIGHT
I’m On Fire (Dwight Twilley) – SARAH FRICK
Tulsa County (Jesse Ed Davis) – JESSE AYCOCK
Ride Me High (JJ Cale) – PAUL BENJAMAN
I’m Gonna Get To Tulsa (Cliff Beasley) – JACOB TOVAR
Misery Kickin’ In (Steve Pryor) – PAUL BENJAMAN
Jealous Man (Hoyt Axton) – JOHN FULLBRIGHT
Can’t Jive Enough (Jim Byfield) – DUSTIN PITTSLEY
Mona Sweet Mona (Teegarden & Van Winkle) – PAUL BENJAMAN
Also featuring: Paddy Ryan, Aaron Boehler, Brandon Holder, Chris Combs, Seth Lee Jones, Jake Lynn, Bo Hallford, Matt Teegarden, Corey Mauser, Andy McCormick, and Austin Stunkard
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Jeremy Verrall / At The Helm PR
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