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Press Conference features Album Preview and Artist Performances

Tulsa, Okla. | April 12, 2022 — Horton Records, in collaboration with Cherokee creator Jeremy Charles, will announce production of a groundbreaking Contemporary album of original music performed entirely in the Cherokee language.  

What: The debut album, titled ᎠᏅᏛᏁᎵᏍᎩ (Anvdvnelisgi), will represent diverse music genres, including Folk / Americana, Country, Pop, Reggae, Heavy Metal and Hip Hop. Artists ranging in age from 15 to 50 years will perform their original Contemporary music in Cherokee. 

When: April 13, 2022 at 11 a.m. central

Where: FireThief Productions: 2312 E Admiral Blvd, Tulsa, OK  74110.  Parking and the entrance are on the South side of the building behind Circle Cinema. 

The event will also be live streamed on 

Who: Cherokee speakers, artists, tribal officials and community supporters will gather to celebrate the announcement. The event will include performances from 3 of the 12 artists featured on the album, and the following individuals:

  • Jeremy Charles, Cherokee producer, filmmaker and creator
  • Brian Horton, President of Horton Records
  • Howard Paden, Executive Director of the Cherokee Nation Language Department 
  • Clarence Boyd, Program Officer for the Zarrow Families Foundation Commemoration Fund 
  • Zebadiah Nofire, Hip Hop artist performance 
  • Lillian Charles (IIA), Pop artist performance
  • Kalyn Fay, Americana / Folk artist performance

Why: Although there is a rich history of gospel music in the Cherokee language, original Contemporary music performed in the Cherokee language is a rarity. The songs on this compilation album will remind listeners that the Cherokee language endures, and the Cherokee culture continues to thrive and adapt. While two artists are Cherokee speakers, 10 artists worked with fluent Cherokee speakers over 10 months to develop their language skills for the album. 

How: The project was funded in part through the Commemoration Fund, dedicated to  supporting bold and innovative efforts to correct social, political and economic injustices that impact Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and People of Color. 

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