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ELECTRIC RAG BAND – My Side (CD) — (includes a FREE koozie while supplies last)

Horton Records 029 – Released 2015

The 6th album from Tulsa-based Electric Rag Band is American roots music at its best.  13 original tunes chock-full of blues, rags, folk, and real rock and roll.  The sounds are fresh and the lyrics are catchy and intelligent.  It stands out in a very crowded field.   Recommended if you like:  Legendary Shack Shakers, Scott Biram, Flat Duo Jets 

  1. My Side
  2. Do This to Me
  3. She’s Got My Car
  4. The Over You Rag
  5. She’s So Good Lookin’
  6. Like I Want
  7. Charleston Girl
  8. Two Dollar Strings
  9. For My Health
  10. Smash That Radio
  11. Slider
  12. Three Bullets
  13. My Revolution Blues

What the critics are saying about My Side:

“terrific grooves and riffs that keep their music from ever becoming
repetitious or tiresome.”

— 3rd Coast Music

“There’s a tendency in my line of work to maybe take things a little to
seriously, but the Cooks are a reminder that sometimes music is just fun.”

— 3rd Coast Music

“Electric Rag Band are a breath of fresh air.”

–Americana UK

“a piece of work that is rollickingly good fun.”

— Americana UK

“roots music that you want in your favorite music pub”

— Rootstime (Belgium)

“We are more than impressed by the musical talent of father and son”

— Rootstime (Belgium)

“A style that is characterized by enthusiasm and lots of energy”

— Rudolfs Music (Netherlands)

“The record is an exhausting exercise in genre-hopping and offers more
twists than you can count on a single listen.”

— The Oklahoman

“My Side is a good all-around album pick for fans of blues or bluegrass,
rock or rockabilly.”

— The Oklahoman

“Juiced blues….nothing short of a good time”

— The Oklahoma Gazette

“down-to-earth stories, swaying instrumental backing and a healthy dose of
clean fun, listeners will want to take the Cook side in any family feud”

— The Oklahoma Gazette

“The Electric Rag band reminds one of the nascent era of the deep blues
and underground country scenes when the definitions for the music were
nebulous, but the music always found an amiable sound. It is a respect for
all styles of roots music forms but a devout loyalty to none in particular
that go into that acquired underground roots taste.”

— Saving Country Music

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